Mutliple device support

We support a wide range of GPS devices such as Garmin, TomTom, Strava etc

Indepth analytics

If you're a serious runner or just keeping fit, we provide you with as much indepth analytics on your activites as you need.

Connect & compete

Connect with athletes on the other side of the world or local to you and compete against each other.

Driven by the community

Scinder is driven by the community of runners that use it. We want your feedback and thought on how to improve it.

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Log your weekly mileage

No matter what stage you're at with your training it's important to know how your mileage is varying from week to week.

Using your dashboard you can get all of this information at a glance with our powerful data graphs.

Create a training plan

Stay on track with your training by creating a custom training plan tailored to you.

We'll alert you when your next session is due and sync your training plan to your activities so you know what sessions you've completed.

Comprehensive stats

You can view each activity in fine detail with stats on pace, altitude, cadence, calories and heart rate.

You'll also get a map of your route, distance splits, data graphs and details of any records you've achieved.

Track your achievements

It feels great when you get a personal best or break a course record so we want you to be able to relive these moments.

From your dashboard you can see your best performances ranked from year to year and see where and when you were when it happened.

Fastest 5k - 18:08 3 days ago
Fastest mile - 4:42 6 days ago
3rd fastest 10k this year - 38:40 2 weeks ago

Go mobile

Scinder has been built to work on any device from smartphones and tablets to laptops and desktop computers. So no matter where you are you can also get the most out of our service, all you need is an internet connection

Reach peak fitness on race day

We all like to be at our best on that all important race day.

See your progress from week to week so you can ensure that you reach peak fitness at just the right time.

Control your privacy

Your activites can be as private as you want them to be.

If you're the kind of athlete who wants to share every run and ride or if you'd rather stay under the rader you can control your privacy levels from your account.

Challenge yourself and your friends

You can set you and your friends goals and track yours and each others progress

So if you need to reach 50 miles a week or want to break your 5k personal best this month you've come to the right place

Join the community

As well as being able to follow your friends and other athletes we're also on Twitter and Instagram

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"Scinder has been able to offer me more insights into my training and races than other services on the market. As a professional athlete I feel that this really makes a difference."

Jonathan, 5k and 10k runner